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Say Hello to… The Yoyo

YoYo Presentation Russia (06-12)The Yoyo… Stroller?


The Yoyo Stroller by BabyZen is possibly windows 10 professional key purchase one of Mini Jake’s most favored item.oHow so, you ask? This stroller expands as your usual umbrella. But collapses SO SMALL, IT FITS INTO AN OVERHEAD COMPARTMENT ON AN AIRPLANE!

That means no more checking in bags!

This $469 stroller comes packed with a rai n cover, travel unit, and your personal choice of fabric set. With up to 5 color options (red, blue, pink, grey, black), and 2 frame concepts (black/white), the Yoyo all  moms and dads alike become independent individuals we so long to be. With a round handle bar and a featherweight design concept, this 6kg stroller allows you a level of comfort similar to the bugaboo bee with a one hand navigation concept. Smooth yet compact. BabyZen is a part of the new generation of kids rides. So, before you goon that plane or book that ticket, try out the BabyZen Yoyo here at mini jake!



D.I.Y. Bubbles or Bubbles to go!

Mom’s and Dad’s all across the world can write a twelve page essay about the universally favorite play time favorite for their little one. Bubbles! It’s the magical creation that floats mid-air and *pops* at the touch. At times, the excitement may change when the bubble disappears but has come up with the coolest home made touchable bubbles. A little soap,… Read more →

2014 Bugaboo Bee3!!

Did you know? The newest model of the Bugaboo is here! Well, not exactly “HERE” but this September, Bugaboo is scheduled to release the Bugaboo Bee3 with all new specs, functions, and upgrades for the urban family. So, whats new you ask? new bassinet new extendable sun canopy new harness new underseat basket new fabrics and colors! It is said… Read more →