Going Wild with Magna Tiles!

Magna tiles

In every child’s daydream, their imagination takes them to new realms of discovery.

Rapunzel’s castle,  the worlds tallest skyscraper, and the highest buildings imaginable… some of the cool things your child see’s when playing with Magna Tiles. But did you know- outside of all the fun, the magnitude of development workhospitality.com.au included in this activity is far more enriching than you’d expect.  There are quite a few similar products on the market but our 70-417 customers can attest to Magna tiles being their go-to gift for the holiday. Educational yet entertaining.

Mini Jake has compiled a list  of all the cool  reasons why Magna Tiles  MUST be in your home this holiday!

1. Your little ones will develop fine motor skills that may potentially enhance future household cleaning abilities

2. Independent play for your personal midday nap time on the living room sofa

3. Symmetry: Avoid a terrible series of unreasonable  “selfies” at the cusp of adolescence.

4.  Balance: Your child will not only learn to create even and well designed buildings but later learn the ins and outs of fashion “faux pas”

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Magna tiles 120.

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