Spruce up your children’s table this Thanksgiving Dinner!

With the holidays arriving, quite a bit of decorating will commence.

Bright lights, fancy plates and centerpieces.

It all goes in to play and stirs that little twinkle you get just about every time this year.

As exciting as this gets, one of the most important things we think twice on is the seating arrangements for the little ones. The biggest question marks as it regards to the kiddies tends to be at least one of the following scenarios:

1. We’re a large family, how do we keep our only toddler occupied?

2. Our little guy is meeting his relatives, what’s a surefire scheme they’ll get along?

3. My little one isn’t quite ready to sit still. I fear a large crash of dishware in my future

We’ve devised a GENIUS plan that is bound for success in ALL scenarios!

Create a Thanksgiving kiddie table cheap windows 10 product key online that no child can refuse. THAT means, good food, great activities, and crafts that will leave their little minds with miles of road to cover.

The new friends table:

The new friends table is perfect for the reunited cousins who had no clue there were “others”. Children tend to play quite shy while there are others who get right into things. Similar to Thanksgiving being our “Cheat Day” for diets, give your little one a pass on treats 210-060 before their meal. Of course these treats can be healthy. But, why not tempt them with something they all cant help but love. A few days before arrival, call the parents to find out what their kiddies like and watch their eyes light up as they walk to the table lifting their jaws off the ground.


Independent Adventurer Table:

Similar to the tale of Christopher Columbus, the Independent Adventurer Table allows your little one to discover the boundless experiences on Thanksgiving! With cool games and fun activities at the dinner table, you’re little one just may not want the day to end. Dress your average cheap windows 10 product key Crayon with Pine Cones and a turkey face cut out! Print some coloring sheets for a hands on arts and craft activity. Make sure you pile as many fun activities and your little one will be GLUED to their seat.


Minimal Mayhem:

If there is a higher chance of your little one making messes or getting into trouble more than usual, create the simplest table that has ever existed! Flat spoons and forks, recycled paper 200-355 as a placemat- that way there is an easy clean up process. No stinky cloths and no massive table wipe down.  Keep as few options for mess as possible. Although, keep them occupied with a customizeable meal options list and crayons to draw.


For a cool option, try the Taro Gomo Doodling Place mat available at  MINI JAKE!


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