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In the months leading into motherhood, you’ll find yourself in search of the independence you once owned… Socialization with humans who don’t wear diapers or maybe even a vocabulary exceeding 20 words will be your hearts desire. Yet, with responsibilities that resemble that of Super Woman, 2 Therapists and a seasoned juggler, the options appear slim and far from existent. What better way to incorporate the two than with GoodBaby&Me yoga classes. You’ll find yourself in heaven while relaxing with Moms and babies who share like minds.

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Curious about GoodMommy2B?

It sounds something like this…

“Your body is changing as rapidly as your baby’s. Paced perfectly for your pregnant body, goodmommy2B will prepare you for labor and beyond. Like parenthood, goodmommy2B is equal parts challenge and reward. A little longer than a regular class, goodmommy2B includes time to share experiences and advice with your fellow classmates and an extra dose of restorative to bathe your brain and your baby in soothing serotonin, creating a bond and a discipline that will last the rest of your life”.



Curious about GoodBaby&Me?

Age: 6 weeks to 1 year

“Your life has changed. Not only do you have a baby, you also have a new body and it seems like a long way to get back to how you were before. goodbaby&me is about rebalancing and rebuilding your body after childbirth. It’s about strengthening your core to rebuild your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor and it’s about you getting your energy level and strength back to take care of your baby.

But hey, it’s not just about you! We’ll also include your little one in the class where appropriate and you will learn more about exercises to ease digestion and how to strengthen the growing muscles. Lastly, this is a great way to meet other moms, share your stories and get advice.

You are welcome to bring toys, stuffed animals and extra blankets into the studio.”

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