D.I.Y. Bubbles or Bubbles to go!

summer diy

Mom’s and Dad’s all across the world can write a twelve page essay about the universally favorite play time favorite for their little one.


It’s the magical creation that floats mid-air and *pops* at the touch. At times, the excitement may change when the bubble disappears but www.diyncrafts.com has come up with the coolest home made touchable bubbles. A little soap, water, and a teaspoon of glycerin will get the fun going!

Can’t exactly find the glycerin in the cupboard? Mini Jake has another well-priced alternative.

“Ultraviolet Touchable Bubbles” by Toysmith  are the “long lasting bubbles that you can touch!”. They glow in the dark, are easy to clean, and as durable as bubbles get!

touchable bubbles 1touchable bubbles 2

Shop Online or Visit Mini Jake to get these bubbles to go!

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