Have you heard?! Tripp Trapp COMPLETE!


An extremely essential component in life is growth.

Advancement. Acceleration. Graduation.

Of course, our little ones go through stages- from scooting, to crawling, to walking. From hugging Mom and Dad straight to sincere embarrassment when we wipe the jelly off their lip as we drop them off to school. Although enriching, these changes can get a little tough when your little one becomes independent. Especially “the eat alone moment”. Mini Jake just got in the Tripp Trapp Complete by Stokke that is probably one of the coolest concepts in eatery.

The excitement behind Tripp Trapp is, your child has the ability to participate in dining with you. From birth to adulthood, these awesome chairs are built to progress as you grow. For starters, you’d be able to purchase the newborn set- which is actually resembles a carseat with a 4-point harness to strap you child into. Included in the complete bundle would be the baby set seating for your 6month old and eating tray. The footrest of the chair can be adjusted as your child gains a few more inches and maybe even for Mom/Dad/ or guests to get comfy.

Currently in stock, we have in the Tripp Trapp Bundle in Walnut (retail $299)
set specs: 
Scandinavian designed Tripp Trapp chair for ages 6 months and up
Baby Set attachment suitable for infants from 6 months
Ergonomic seating for age 6 months up to a 300 lb. adult
5-point safety harness
Unique height adjustability and depth adjustability
A detachable tray for flexible feeding options
Easy to clean with washable seat cushion and dishwasher-safe tray
7-year manufacturer’s warranty

Be sure to visit Mini Jake to see and BUY your Tripp Trapp Complete Bundle!

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