Month: July 2014

Instagram Playdate at Mini Jake with OgoSport


This week at Mini Jake, we had our first ever Instagram Playdate with OgoSport! One of their partners, Jenie stopped by with games and goodies to share with the children AND ADULTS who participated. Each customer who hash-tagged the words “OgoSportPlaydate” found themselves with LIVE PRINTED memorabilia of their photo with the looks of an instagram frame. In case you’re wondering, OgoSport is a toy company that truly embodies the phrase “Get Active”! A Pratt Institute Duo got together and decided to create an assortment of entertainment devices to get kids something to do when Mom and Dad says “Oh, go outside and play!” From handheld trampolineĀ disks that magically morph into a frisbee to darts and customizable kits, there’s too much to do with OgoSport!

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Happy Kiddo leaving Playdate with MiniJake goodies

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