Mimish Interview with Phoebe 9, Jackson 12 and mom Inga (age not necessary)


MOM: ” Why do you like our new MIMISH storage beanbag?”

PHOEBE: “I couldn’t wait to unwrap it. I like it because of its texture and the way it feels. I can put all my toys in it and move it to where I like to sit”.

JACKSON : “I came home from school one day and found it on the rug, so I put my school backpack next to it and did my homework. A few days later I hurt my back playing soccer and it was the only place that was comfortable. I want to take it with me to college, if my family lets me!”

MOM: “Who ever comes home first….settles in the MiMish. We have toys in it and I need another one or two for storing spare duvets and blankets. It creates space, tidies up the house and looks great. I love it. In addition, it is designed by a Brooklyn mom, Andrea Soto, “Mother of Invention” on the Katie Couric Show.”



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