What is the Active Labor Gown?


Launching in March, Active Labor Gown has quickly been welcomed into the maternity market by expectant mothers and medical professionals alike, easing the distressing effects of labor for moms to be everywhere.

Active Labor Gown’s revolutionary performance fabric and innovative design are what make the gown truly unique. “Active Labor Gown is the only gown on the market that opens from both the front and the back simultaneously and also has an opening in the side for fetal monitor cords” states Active Labor Gownfounder and healthcare professional, Kristina Boland.  Also, easily opened from the top by 4 buttons to effortlessly allow skin-to-skin contact for breast-feeding and comfortability, Active Labor Gown adapts easily to every birthing style possible.  “All these features help with the “medical aspects” of labor, while the fabric keeps you cool and comfortable, to feel and look your best.”

Using innovative new US EPA certified ChitoSante treated performance fabric,Active Labor Gowns are wicking, odor resistant and anti-stain, helping Mom’s to be stay comfortable during labor and delivery, as well as workouts prior to and post delivery.  The gowns are also antibacterial and antimicrobial, offering expectant mothers a potentially higher level of sanitation than hospital gowns offer, without the fear of prior usage.

Boland, a Boston bred former Naval Officer and mother of 3, grew up designing and sewing clothing with her great-grandparents, who worked as tailors. Working as a professional registered nurse for the last 25 years, Kristina recognized a need for this type of gown after seeing firsthand the negative psychology behind giving birth in a uniform reusable garment. “You never know who’s used the gown before you. It was absolutely time for a change.”

Active Labor Gown will also be launching their new #passthebucket campaign at Mini Jake on Sunday, showcasing the buckets they will be donating both locally and nationally to playgrounds and family shelters in an effort to bring more harmony and generosity to communities across the globe.

Meet representatives of Active Labor Gown at Mini Jake’s Cinco de Mama event on Sunday, May 5th from 11am-4pm. Click here for more info

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