Inspirational Vibes – Little Duck Organics!

Inspiration – A divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.

Today, I had a chat with Zak Normandin who is the brainchild CEO, of one of my favorite under-4-foot snack companies, Little Duck Organics. Zak is a Daddy of 3 who in the year 2010 started making healthy fruit snacks in his basement, driven by the fact that he could not find anything that he felt was suitable to feed his children (I know that feeling).

To me, this is INSPIRATION. Zak had an idea, which he followed through with and now, thankfully like-minded parents bringing up Little Tackers (Australian for infants) have a choice to safely buy a packaged good that is… WAIT FOR IT …certified organic, no-sugar-added, Non‐GMO, gluten free, 100% real fruit snacks!!! Wowzer. I know this is a BIG mouthful, but you have to read it all so you get the whole scope on how awesome it is. Let it sink in a while… It is hard to come by.

All I can say is, thank goodness for the day young Zak walked down those basement stairs!! Because now LDO is a reckoning force in the supermarket aisles.

Little Duck Organic HQ is based in Brooklyn, and I am so happy they are here. Besides being one of Willy B Mum’s biggest fans, they are always so encouraging and ready to help out the community in any way they can, and I have to say that is a rarity.

Not to mention Miles Storm loves their snacks, actually obsessed might be a better word? As an example – on his first day at school, a few weeks back, he was insistent that he take a packet of “Duck Duck” with him. And, as a chain reaction, his school (which was only serving cheesy goldfish snacks) now also have LDO as a healthier option. I am also very proud to say that he is not into chocolate, nor soda, nor chips BUT try take away his fruit snacks and you will have a fight on your hands!!

Little Duck Organics is launching a new super-amazing product in Whole Foods this month called “Mighty Oats” which Zak talks about in our little video shoot.

Want the inside scoop, watch it HERE!

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