The Eggs-periment!

This group of after school kids decided it would be fun to test how strong these eco eggs really are. I mean, they say they are biodegradable so how tough could they be?


We boiled one


We put another in this green calcium depleter that is supposed to be safe for the environment.

We put one in vinegar

And finally we put one in Coca Cola

SOOOOOOOOO…. What happened?

After 3 weeks:
The egg that was in the boiling water (for 4 hours and then we let it sit in the water for the rest of the time) was misshapen but still pretty solid
The egg that sat in the calcium reducer was perfectly fine!
The egg that was in the vinegar was super clean!

The egg in the cola was fine but the cola began to grow something pretty nasty. I hope new creatures don’t start to crawl out of our sink!
All in all we would highly recommend the Eco Eggs. They are a little more expensive, but sturdy and will simply go back to the earth when you are done using them!

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