Eco-eggs egg coloring kits can turn a simple tradition into a science experiment!

Have fun, get creative… Go natural—It’s the get inspired experiment!

We mixed the natural Eco-Eggs kit dyes in glass jars and dunked our blown eggs. The colors can be subtle and bold depending on how long we dunk the eggs. We used elastic bands, wax crayons and dye to create textures and patterns. The kit cut-outs were added to selected eggs. After exploring the kit we went on to find things we knew would stain; coffee, chocolate, berry juice. We had blueberries for breakfast! We used them for a great violet blue color. Then I remembered onion skins can be cooked to make and okra color. What fun!

Natural color dyes can be found in the most unexpected places. Eco-Eggs dye, created natural ready-made dyes that are safe for children to use and inspire us to look around ourselves and see what in nature can we use to make change happen before our eyes.


Fine eco-eggs egg coloring kits at Mini Jake today!

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