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Nowali By Konfetti Two Kids Edit Photoshop

With the temperatures slowly lowering, parents are looking for great and reliable foot gear for their little ones. One great pair we’ve recently stumbled upon is Nowali by Konfetti. Known for their slipper socks and moccasins, Konfetti has created the perfect no-slip, easy care shoe.

One of the most difficult part of shoe buying for our newborns is their keen ability to make a shoe disappear in thin air. Whether on the go in the stroller or during tummy time at home, those socks seem to vanish into thin air. You’ll find the Nowali Moccasins “have an extra elastic knitted into the ankles to keep them on!”

Not only does Konfetti foot wear come in kids sizes but they are also made for adults. With styles ranging from Moccasins to compression socks for cold weather, there are more than enough options to suit the entire family.

If you’re interested in trying these out for your little one or feel a gift idea brewing, visit Mini Jake in Williamsburg and see them for yourself!

bee in the city 4

Bugaboo Bee3- Bee In the City!

With the new Bugaboo Bee3 reveal, many families have gone to social media to display their take on the phenomenon. Between Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, the hashtags are in COMPLETE abundance. In case you were interested in the look of the stroller or wanted to show the world how it works for you and your family, has created a… Read more →