Mini Jake has always been more than just a store. From the incredible sculptures hanging from the ceiling created by owner Inga Rogers to fun events and, of course, the best, most beautiful high designed baby gear anywhere. Their eye for design in unparalleled. But who are these incredible designers? How did they get into the business they are in? We are ready to find out!

Mini Jake is inviting designers from some of their most popular brands to participate in a panel discussion and Q and A. The event is only open to the press but you can get twitter updates throughout the event using #minijakedesign

If you are a member of the press and would like an invite please send an email request to

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MOM: ” Why do you like our new MIMISH storage beanbag?”

PHOEBE: “I couldn’t wait to unwrap it. I like it because of its texture and the way it feels. I can put all my toys in it and move it to where I like to sit”.

JACKSON : “I came home from school one day and found it on the rug, so I put my school backpack next to it and did my homework. A few days later I hurt my back playing soccer and it was the only place that was comfortable. I want to take it with me to college, if my family lets me!”

MOM: “Who ever comes home first….settles in the MiMish. We have toys in it and I need another one or two for storing spare duvets and blankets. It creates space, tidies up the house and looks great. I love it. In addition, it is designed by a Brooklyn mom, Andrea Soto, “Mother of Invention” on the Katie Couric Show.”




FREE Halloween Crafts Sat Oct 26!

by gabby on October 25, 2013



Decorate Zutano hats with Inga Saturday, October 26th from 10:30am to noon. Buy a hat and we supply the props!